We are both a consulting company and a licensed R & D facility built upon over 60 years
of experience working with radioactivity and hazardous materials. We have a broad
range of experience ranging from:

         hands on production of over 40 isotopes

         target preparation

         enriched material recovery

         supervising significant facility additions and

         production upgrades

         radiation dose reductions

         custom labeling I-125, I-131 and other isotopes

         experience with 40 different nuclides

         decontamination of urban areas

         synthesis and labeling of drugs for distribution studies

         clean room design and fabrication


We have experience and knowledge of both reactor and cyclotron production and chemistry.


Access and knowledge of worldwide customers and production facility


We have worked with and developed processes for reactor, cyclotron and accelerator
produced isotopes.


Target fabrication including electroplating 


Custom conversion of enriched isotopes and radionuclides 


Production of: I-125, Pd-103, In-111, Ga-67, I-123 and looking at additional isotopes
such as I-124, and cyclotron isotopes.

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