Non-FDA Products


                  We have delivered products that others have “no bid”– we have made
                               products when “experts” said it was impossible


Custom Isotope Production and Synthesis


Radiolabeled compounds


Fe-55, Fe-59 and stable Fe-57 labeled Hemin, Haem or Heme


Various porphyrins labeled with - Fe, Co, Sn isotopes and other enriched isotopes


Vitamin B-12   


Fe and Co labeled with either radioactive or stable isotopes


P-32 and P-33 radiolabeled products (examples)


ortho-Phosphoric Acid               H3PO4 


Phosphorous trichloride            PCl3


ortho-Phosphorous Acid            H3PO3 


Phosphorous pentachloride       PCl5


Phosphorous oxychloride          POCl3 


Cl-36 (various radiolabeled products)


Potassium chlorate                    KClO3 


Potassium perchlorate              KClO4


Chlorine gas                                 Cl2       


Potassium hypochlorite            KClO


Sodium Sulfide                          Na2


Elemental Sulfur                        S


Thiourea                                     H2NCSNH2 


Hydrogen sulfide                    H2


Sulfur dioxide                         SO2    


We are willing to work with a wide range of gamma and beta emitting isotopes that will fit your needs.


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