Shipping Package and Labeling

              The RIC Conformal source Model 100 is shipped in a box as pictured below.

Roughly 50 % of the packages are shipped as UN 2910 packages which mean they contain less than 500 MBq of
activity at time of shipment and the box is reading less than 0.5 mR/hr on contact.

The box contains the following items from left to right. The picture shows the lead cover (painted white) and the
acrylic cover without the product label applied. The source shield is protected by extruded polystyrene foam.
The source is placed in a 0.5 inch plastic box which is then placed into a lead box. The plastic box stops the beta
while the lead reduces the bremstalling X-rays. The box is a 10 inch cube and weighs 4 to 5 pounds.

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            page\UN 2910 package.jpg

The sources that are greater than 15 mCi are shipped as either White 1 shipments this makes up about 45% of the
shipments while less than 5 % of the shipments are Yellow 11 labels. The same compounds are used for all shipments
with the only adjustment is the inside tray that actually holds the sources are custom sized for each source.
This trays reduces the about of movements of the source in the box and helps center the source within the box.

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            page\UN 2915 package.jpg

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