Procurement and Use of the RIC Conformal Source 


Since, each institute has its own internal Radiation Safety Department guidelines as well as state and
                local regulations that the end user must follow to use and purchase any new radioactive source;
                the following notes are steps to be considered for the smooth purchase, receipt and approval to buy
                and use the RIC Conformal Source – Model 100.

General Requirements

The end user needs to follow all of the institute’s radiation safety and purchasing procedures to ensure
                they are authorized users and can order and use RIC Conformal Source – Model 100.

RI Consultants LLC must receive a copy of the Institute’s current Radiation License that indicates the
                 Institute is authorized to receive the P-32 and the License quantity.

The recipients should also be familiar with the safe handling and shielding of P-32 isotope.
                (A copy is on this web site)

 Some institutes may be required to add the RIC Conformal Source Sealed Source
                 Device Registration Number (SSDR Number) to their license
               (A copy is on this web site)

Approved shipping address – RI Consultants will need an exact shipping location to which FedEx (or equiv)
                can deliver the package containing the radioactive shipment (all shipments need to be signed for).

Pre-use Considerations of the RIC Conformal Source:

Internal Review Board Approval – Most institutes have one or more internal review boards that must approve
               new procedures.

Instructions for Use Review – Everyone that will be handling the RIC Conformal Source should review and
                understand the Instructions for Use that is supplied with each source. If there are any questions – please
                contact RI Consultants.

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