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RIC Conformal Source


Model number: 100                                                              SSDR # NH-1332-S-101-S


Serial number: Serial#: 070514-RIC01/101A                         Part#: 22X45-25.3-140514


Radionuclide: 32 Phosphorus


All technical data is as of Calibration Date


Radionuclide impurities: none detected


Description: Beta radiation source

32 Phosphorus polymeric film

Standard Dev of Radionuclide distribution < 0.9 %

Active area: Width  22 mm by Length  45 mm

Thickness:        0.38         mm


Content activity: 25.3 mCi (936.1 MBq)         Calibration Date: 14May2014


Do not use after Exp. date                  Exp. Date:            21Jun2014


Passed            ANSI Classification N43.6-2007 C23312 and ISO2919/1999


Approximated Radiation Output:

            The radiation exposure at 1 mm thru density of ~1.19 grams/cc is estimated to be ~0.38   Gy/min for a uniformly
            distributed RIC Conformal Source with 1 mCi/cm2


This certificate and the information contained herein complies with the requirements of ANSI N43.6-2007 and ISO 2919


RIC Conformal Source is intended for “Single-Use Only” and Supplied non-sterile


See Instruction sheet for use and handling in accordance with He-P 4032.03 and He-P 4032.07



Approval:                                             Signature:                                            Date:09May2014

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