Tools and Handling Suggestions

Tools that could be used to handle the RIC Conformal Source

The tool allows you to replace the “Q-tip” after each use and the shield will protect the hand and fingers from the P-32 beta.
The set screw on the side can be loosen to remove the pipet if for some reason it breaks or becomes contaminated.


            C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Wiper

 The second tool is a forceps that can be used to move the RIC sealed source. This eliminates the need to use pointed tweezers that
can possibly damage the source as mentioned in the Instructions for Use. The RIC sealed source is soft and flexible and can be punctured
or damaged by a sharp tip or the serrated edges of forceps if they are used. The paper ends of the supplied forceps are taped on
and are made of clean photocopy paper. They can be easily replaced if they become wet from the wiping process or bent after use.

            C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Source

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